THROUPLE: see triad . Etymology: A neologism coined by incorporating aˆ?coupleaˆ? and aˆ?threeaˆ?

THROUPLE: see triad . Etymology: A neologism coined by incorporating aˆ?coupleaˆ? and aˆ?threeaˆ?

UNICORN: Colloquial; Usage: In dominating polyamory society, always used of a hypothetical lady that is happy to date both people in a current few, consent not to have any relations apart from the ones aided by the couples, consent to not become intimately involved in one person in the happy couple unless others person in the happy couple can be malaysiancupid mobile there, and/or consent to relocate making use of partners. So named because individuals prepared to accept such agreements tend to be vanishingly unusual, whereas people shopping for a lady who’ll consent to these terminology are exceedingly common. ( Notation: in swinging , a unicorn was, generally, a bisexual female whom aims male/female people for sex enjoy at swinger people and privately, deciding to end up being with both concurrently (MFF), but beholden to neither as it pertains to enchanting or sexual fidelity. Supply: SpecialKs on

VEE: Colloquial A polyamorous partnership concerning three folk, for which anyone was romantically or intimately involved in two couples who are not romantically or sexually a part of both. Discover additionally triad, pivot; Discover relevant quad, letter.

VETO: a partnership agreement, typical in prescriptive primary/secondary relationships, which provides anyone the energy to get rid of another personaˆ™s further relations, or in some instances to disallow some certain activity, such as some particular sexual or A«BDSMA» -related task. A veto is absolute, where one partner may deny another partneraˆ™s extra relationships unconditionally, or may be conditional and utilized considerably as a way to suggest a life threatening problem in a relationship. Commentary: only a few polyamorous acknowledge or permit veto energy. Veto is actually most typical in primary/secondary connection configurations, especially in union designs in which an established couple was desire further lovers. Veto is normally limited and then the main lovers, and a relationship which gives a veto capacity to a secondary partner is actually unusual in serious.

WOMANISM, WOMANIST: From Alice Walkeraˆ™s concept of a aˆ?Womanistaˆ? from In Search of the Mothersaˆ™ home gardens: Womanist Prose Copyright 1983.

1. From womanish . (Opp. of aˆ?girlish,aˆ? in other words. frivolous, reckless, maybe not significant.) A black feminist or feminist of colors. From the black folk appearance of mothers to feminine kids, aˆ?you performing womanish,aˆ? in other words., like a female. Normally making reference to outrageous, audacious, heroic or willful actions. Curious about more and in better depth than is considered aˆ?goodaˆ? for 1. Thinking about developed doings. Operating grown-up. Getting adult. Interchangeable with another black people phrase: aˆ?You wanting to become expanded.aˆ? Liable. In control. Severe .2. In addition: A woman which loves more people, sexually and/or nonsexually. Appreciates and favors womenaˆ™s traditions, womenaˆ™s mental versatility (values tears as normal counterbalance of fun), and womenaˆ™s strength. Occasionally really loves individual boys, sexually and/or nonsexually. Focused on emergency and wholeness of whole folks, female and male. Perhaps not a separatist, except sporadically, for fitness. Usually a universalist, as with: aˆ?Mama, exactly why are we brown, red, and yellow, and our very own cousins are white, beige and black colored?aˆ? Ans. aˆ?Well, you know the colored race is just like a flower yard, with every shade flower represented.aˆ? Usually able, such as: aˆ?Mama, Iaˆ™m walking to Canada and Iaˆ™m taking you and a lot of additional slaves with me.aˆ? Reply: aˆ?It wouldnaˆ™t be the first-time.aˆ?3. Loves tunes. Enjoys dance. Adore the moon. Really loves the nature. Really likes fancy and as well as roundness. Loves fight. Really loves the Folk. Really likes by herself. No Matter. 4. Womanist is always to feminist as imperial is to lavender .

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